Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department has been accepting undergraduate students since fall session of 1994-1995. The department has 802 undergraduate students in total. Education language is %30 English and at least one course is offered in English. In addition, there is one year mandatory English preparation class in the department curriculum. For more information about English preparation class, you can visit foreign language department.

Dumlupınar University Graduate School of Science has been offering M.Sc. degree since fall session of 1993-1994 and Ph.D. degree since fall session of 2012-2013. By fall session of 2013-2014, there are 153 master and 11 Ph.D. students in the department. Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department has

  • 14 Faculty Members
  • 12 Research Assistant
  • 1 Electrical-Electronics Engineer
  • 1 Department Secretary

In addition, 7 faculty members of Computer Engineering Department and faculty members of other departments take part in the education syllabus of the department if it is necessary.

Mission and Vision

Our purposes are, to prepare qualified electrical-electronics engineers, equipped with skills and knowledge required by the modern era, able to compete globally, able to solve societies' problems, sensitive to universal values, internalized professional ethics; and to do research that makes contribution to technologies which meet national and international needs.

Final goal for Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department is to be a well-known and high quality educational institution both nationally and globally creating high value scientific knowledge and know-how with cutting edge research and lab facilities.

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Dumlupınar University Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department introduction document

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