Fiber Optic Lab

Fiber optic technologies containing nanotechnology optic, electro-optic, passive and active components, fiber optic cables, and tools have wide variety of applications in communication systems. Senior students in fiber optic communication systems course and master students in fotonic and advanced fiber optic systems course put theoretical knowledge into practice in this lab. Lab experiments are fiber optic structures, PIN photo diode in fiber optic receiver and LED in transmitter, laser diode characteristics measurement, optical transmitter/receiver calibration, plastic and glass fiber attenuation measurement, attenuation measurement in fiber optic connectors, analog and digital signal transmission and performance measurement in fiber optic systems, mono mode (S-SMF) and multi mode (MMF) silica fibers connector connection and joint box assembly, to obtain optic signals and laser sources parameters with optic spectrum analyzer. We have System Technik fiber optic test kit, optic power meter, optic spectrum analyzer, and plastic and glass fiber optic cables with different lengths to make the experiments. In master program, studies are focused on erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA) design and characterization, optic wide band ASE source design and characterization, adjustable laser source characterization, EDFA and ASE sources simulation with Optiwave 4.0 theory, experiments, and R&D activities.

You can reach equipment, tool, passive component, and software list here.




Last Update Date: 20 October 2014, Monday