Seminars And Technical Visits

Students gain better understanding on courses with technical field visits and benefit from engineers experiences from industry and goverment institutions .

Assist. Prof. Dr. Asım Gökhan YETGİN and R.A. Serdar ÖZYÖN have attended to International Multidisciplinary Congress Euroasia held by Young Scholars Union in 1-5 September 2015 in Üsküp and delivered presentations related to their research fields.


13 March 2015, Dr. Oğuzhan Yavuz, Netaş R&D Department, Topic "Signal processing and Wireless Communication" and NETAŞ R&D Strategies.

18.11.2014, Chamber of Electrical Engineering (EMO) Eskişehir Management, Topic "Welcome to the Profession".

14.11.2014, Our Department NURSAN Kablo Visit.

20.11.2014, Chamber of Electrical Engineering (EMO) Eskişehir Management Visit to Our Department.

18.12.20104, ARÇELİK and ENEL Corporation Seminars in conjuction with IEEE club 3rd Towards Electrical-Electronics Engineering Activity.

Last Update Date: 09 September 2015, Wednesday