Electrical-Electronics Engineering and Scope

In general, Electrical-Electronics Engineers work on energy systems or design, application, and test of electronic and computer tools and systems. Electrical-Electronics Engineering departments are highly preferred by students in Turkey and in the world. That is why qualified and talented engineers with strong background can easily find jobs abroad and in the country. For more information about the department, you can look at department introduction documentdepartment introduction page and department introduction slides (pdf).

Undergraduate students have one-year-mandatory English preparation class before studying in the program. If you like to know more, look at Foreign Language School

Electrical-Electronics Engineering undergraduate education contains, 

  • Circuit and Systems,
  • Electronics,
  • Communication,
  • Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave
  • Control Systems,
  • Electrical Machines and,
  • Energy and Power Systems 

departments, 7 in total. You can visit the departments page to see list of departments and faculty and the labs category for the department facilities.

Students who successfully complete the program can work for,

  • Engineering firms as a project engineer,
  • Their own engineering firms,
  • R&D companies and design houses as a software or hardware engineer,
  • Factory and companies as a director, field application engineer, maintenance engineer, and sales engineer
  • Construction auditing firms as a project inspector,
  • Communication companies in public or private sector,
  • Energy distribution and transmission companies in public or private sector and,
  • Research and development institutions.
Last Update Date: 14 October 2016, Friday