Applied Power Electronics Lab

1.    Uncontrolled Rectifiers

  • Uncontrolled one-wave-tapped circuit M1U
  • Uncontrolled two-wave-bridge circuit B2U
  • Uncontrolled three-wave-tapped circuit M3U
  • Uncontrolled six-wave-bridge circuit B6U
  • Uncontrolled rectifier average and root mean square (RMS) value
  • Uncontrolled rectifier signal count and ripple

2.    Controlled Rectifiers

  • Controlled one-wave-tapped circuit M1U
  • Controlled two-wave-bridge circuit B2U
  • Phase gate control circuit
  • Semi-control double-signal-bridge circuit B2H
  • Controlled three-wave-tapped circuit M3C
  • Controlled three-wave-tapped circuit M3C inverter mode
  • Controlled six-wave-bridge circuit B6C
  • Controlled rectifier average and root mean square (RMS) value

3.    AC Converters

  • Controlled mono-phase alternative circuit W1C
  • Pulse group control

4.    DC Converters

  • Pulse width modulation
  • Pulse width modulation DC converter with GTO
  • DC/DC converter
  • Offset pulse width modulation MOSFET H-bridge

5.     Inverters

  • H-bridge inverter

Last Update Date: 20 October 2014, Monday