Program Outcomes

1- Strong background in Electrical-Electronics Engineering, math, and science; to be able to use theorical and practical knowledge on these fields together.

2- To identify, define, formulize, and solve engineering problems; for this purpose, choose and apply proper analytical methods and modeling techniques.

3- Analysis of a system, system component or process and design ability on them in the presence of real restrictions; and to gain ability over upto-date design methods.

4- To choose and use modern techniques and media required for engineering applications; and to gain ability to use information technology.

5- In order to reach information, search for resources.

6- To make and design experiment, data collection, and interpretation and analysis of the results.

7- Working on individual and interdisciplinary projects actively, confidence on responsibility.

8- Strong verbal and written communication skills in Turkish.

9- Professional ethic, awareness of legal effects of engineering application.

10- Awareness of universal and social effects of engineering applications; entrepreneurship and modernism.

11- Competent level on liberal arts. (native and foreign language, history, etc.)

Last Update Date: 20 October 2014, Monday