Electrical Machines Lab

In Electrical Machines Lab, working principles and characteristics of DC and AC electrical motors, and power generators are examined. To calculate low voltage transformer parameters run on static condition, all transformer experiments are also made. Moreover, there are automation control panel tools in the lab to control electrical machines by automation systems.

Transformer experiments cover transformer conversion ratio, mono phase transformer short circuit, loaded, and unloaded working, and mono phase transformer polarity determination.

DC electrical machine experiments cover externally excited DC generator unloaded working characteristics and load characteristics.

Asynchronous electrical machine experiments cover asynchronous electrical machine unloaded working, and three phase asynchronous electrical machine loaded working.

For lab use, three phase auto-transformer, mono phase and three phase transformers, three phase asynchronous electrical machine, DC machines, fuccoult brake, reactive, capacitive, and inductive load systems and measurement instruments are available.




Last Update Date: 20 October 2014, Monday