Electronics Lab

Theoretically designed circuit performance parameters are obtained by experiments here. Measurement tools used in the lab are oscilloscope, digital multimeter, signal generators, adjustable DC power source. BJT (bipolar junction transistor), JFET (junction field effect transistor), OPAMP (operational amplifier), resistor, capacitor, inductance, etc. active and passive electronics components, and bread boards are supplied to the students. Students use electronics lab in their 3rd educational year 1st and 2nd semesters.

1st semester experiments;

  1. Diode and zener diode
  2. Voltage clipper, and connector circuits
  3. BJT
  4. Transistor bias circuits.
  5. FET bias circuits.

2nd semester experiments;

  1. Transistor amplifier
  2. FET amplifier
  3. Transistor amplifier frequency response
  4. OPAMP and practical circuits
  5. OPAMP active filters
  6. Feedback amplifiers

Lab inventory:

  • Agilent Technologies DSO-X 2002A Digital Storage Oscilloscope 70 MHz 2Gsa/s 15 Qy
  • Tektronix TDS 1002 Digital Storage Oscilloscope 5 Qy
  • Regulated DC Power Supply 0-30V / 0-5A output 20 Qy


Last Update Date: 07 April 2015, Tuesday